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10 Tips on How To Write High Converting Ad Copy For Your Facebook Ads.

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Ever found yourself struggling to write the perfect Ad Copy for your Facebook Ad, that actually CONVERTS?

Well, Say no more. We've been running a series of tests on our Facebook Ads, and the results are in. Read on to check out our step by step guide (examples included) , on how to create Ad Copy that will make even the laziest user, click on your advert.

Keep reading to find our hottest tips and tricks.

The headline (or Ad Copy) is the most frequently read part of your ad.

Statistically, only 2 out of every 10 people that see your ad will actually read the details, and 8 out of every 10 people will read your headline!

Therefore your headline needs to do more than just capture their attention. It needs to set the right tone for the rest of your ad.

Being able to create a headline that is short, direct, informative and attractive can sound overwhelming, however, we made it easy for you, with this general guide to Ad Copy writing.

A general guide to headline writing

If you are ready to write some astonishing Ad Copy, you should follow these 3 fundamental points:

- Keep it simple and easy to read

- Make it eye-catching and original

- Let the user understand the benefits of your product

We’ll take you through each point in details…

1. Keep it simple and easy to read

Making sure your headline is simple and clear is the key to getting people to click on it.

When a Facebook user is scrolling through their newsfeed, they only spend 2-3 seconds reading a post before they keep going.

So if you want your ad to get noticed, you have to make your headline straight to the point.

Here is an example of an ad headline that was way too long:

Seems like this ad headline has gone way over character count.

(Facebook headlines should ideally be only 25 characters)

If you lack any kind of simplicity, users will lose interest and move forward.

What does a simple headline do?

- speaks directly to the audience

- clearly states what your product is about

This means the users that are actually interested in your product will click on it because they can easily figure out what your ad is about

Here is an example of a great simple headline:

2. Make it eye-catching

The ultimate purpose of your Ad is to attract users, getting them to click, and ultimately convert.

In order for you to write an attractive headline, it should be customised to your brand.

An eye-catching headline should be emotionally evocative.

So what should a catchy Ad Copy look like?

  • it should be customised to your brand

  • it should directly connect with your customers

Here is an example of a great eye-catching headline:

3. Let the user understand the benefits of your product

A simple and eye-catching headline is important, but what really convinces the user to click and buy, are the benefits your product can offer.

Your Ad copy is the perfect place to share your product’s value proposition.

But be aware, this does not mean you need to showcase all of your products features.

What is the difference between a feature and a benefit?

A feature is something like “comes in 3 styles.”

A benefit is something like “get a better sleep.”

To better focus on benefits, ask the question “WHY WOULD CUSTOMERS BUY MY PRODUCT(S)?

Customers buy your product because of the unique value you bring them, compared to your competitors or other options.

What would a benefit-sharing Ad Copy do?

  • explains exactly what is that you’re showing them

  • tells them how you can solve their problem

4. Ask a question

Asking a question can be a great hook to get potential customers interested. You can use templates such as:

  • Do you know how much you could save on [something]?

  • Are you [emotion] of [something]?

  • Who else wants [something]?

Here's an example:

5. Don't Forget a Call to Action

Giving a command can seem like an over-simplified choice, but often is a great tool to tell your customer exactly what you want them to do.

You can use templates such as:

  • Sign up for our [something] now!

  • Get [something] while supplies lasts!

  • Now you can have [good thing] and [other good thing]

Follow this example:

6. Use numbers

Whilst Buzzfeed was not among the first to start the trend of “list” articles, it certainly came to dominate the format. The idea is simple, with the number of items directly in the headline. This could be something like: “5 ways to become more focused” People would more likely click on these types of ads as they clearly state what they will get out of it.

Studies proved that headlines with odd numbers get 20% more clicks

You can use templates such as:

  • [Number] secret(s) of [something]

  • [Number] quick solution (or ways) to [something]

  • [Number] little known methods [to do something]

7. Show them a how-to

How-to based headlines are inspiring and easily connect to people because they tell them you’ll teach them something new, something they ideally feel they need to know. Inspiration is a powerful emotion to use in your ads. You can use templates such as:

–  Here’s how [somebody] [does something] –  How to do [something] like [world class example]

–  All you need to know about [something]

8.Breaking News

Breaking news headlines are great to use for product launches or feature updates. In this way, you position your something “new” as exciting and exclusive. You’ll attract people who like to be the first ones to have the latest edition. People like to give their attention to the most cutting edge and newly available options.

You can use templates such as:

–  Introducing the brand new [something] –  Announcing our [something] –  Download our latest update for access to [something]


Testimonials are great to engage people by “humanising” your product. You make people feel connected by showing that other people have a positive experience. You can use templates such as:

–  [Something] increased my [something] by [x]%! –  After switching to [something] our productivity has never been better!

Here is an example of a simple testimonial used in a headline:

10. Create a sense of urgency

And last but not least, make people feel like this would be their last chance to get your product. Try with a flash sale or a special promo code.

Let them know the product is almost out of stock, or it is on a limited availability.

Here's an example:

Any questions? Get in touch at hello@weareeffe.co.uk.

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