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6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Strategy in 2019

Let’s face it. How many time have you heard the words “Digital Marketing,” Online Presence”, “Social Media Marketing” or “Brand Identity”, without ever being sure of what exactly that means, or most importantly why exactly everyone says they’re so important for a business nowadays.

Well, maybe it’s time to find out! Stop ignoring those voices in the ether and start thinking about the next practical step to finally put your name out there.

So why do you need a digital strategy, really?

1. Digital Marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing. Have you ever compared the cost of a banner in an underground station (for example) to a well structured Google AdWords, or Facebook Campaign? Or, even better, a series of SEO optimised blog posts explaining what makes your product better than many others on the market? While traditional marketing can be extremely expensive (especially for small businesses), promoting your brand through digital advertising or an organic growth strategy will be so much more affordable and give you great results.

2. Better targeting. Don’t tell me you’ve never realised that after following a shoe brand on Facebook or visiting a specific online retailer’s website, your Facebook feed, your Instagram, Youtube and all the web pages you open afterwards, will be constantly bombarding you with shoe related offer. A brand’s website won’t leave you alone so easily.

This is known as Targeting.

3. Targeting. one of the high points of digital advertising, is that you can choose the public you want to show your advert to, based on their interests and activities, so the chances for them to be interested in your product and convert, are much higher and at a lower cost. Cool, right?

4. Get to know your customers and interact with them. Yes darling, the times when a brand would just stand there, looking pretty, showing their products with a cocky attitude, not even knowing who was watching on the other side, are over. Interaction is key. Ask your customers questions, be available to offer fresh, impeccable customer service and get to know what they’re looking for. Interaction is an incredible weapon you can only use if you have an online presence.

5. Track your results. Where did those customers come from? If you have a digital strategy, you’ll know the answer to most of your questions is in the details. Thanks to free tools like Google Analytics, properly connected to your website, you’ll be able to know exactly where the traffic comes from, as well as conversions, demographics and a host of other useful details. All of this will give you the opportunity to adjust your strategy as you need, and avoid wasting your budget.

6. Make people aware of your Brand Identity. Defining your brand’s personality and reinforcing it through social media, will make you and your brand increasingly recognisable, ultimately enhancing the loyalty of your customers. Example? A unique Instagram feed (check ours for reference :P) is a great way to showcase your product, style and personality. If you’re struggling to find your way to do it, you can try out one of our editable PDF Instagram templates, made to suit different aesthetics and personalities, super easy to use, customise, and show off.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of digital strategies, do you still think you don’t need one? Of course you do, and we can help!

Check out our Half or Full Day Coaching Program during which we will sit down with you and analyse your current situation, your objectives and efforts, and help you build a kick ass digital marketing strategy for 2019.

Don’t wait, get in touch today!

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