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Meet Arielle Khosla - Graphic Designer Interview

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Meet Arielle (@ariellapinka), a talented Graphic Designer from Los Angeles, currently living in Copenhagen.

We discovered her Instagram profile a while ago and immediately fell in love with her style and work.

We loved her drawings so much that we asked her if she could make some personalised ones to make some personalised ones for us.

The result was absolutely stunning.

Arielle Khosla Graphic Designer Female Artist We are F

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am originally from Los Angeles, but I am currently working as a Junior Architect at the moment in Copenhagen. I finished my Bachelor of Architecture degree at The Glasgow School of Art a little over a year ago. While I studied and now work in Architecture, I aim to express what I feel is a fundamental connection between graphically-conscious architectural work and my illustrations. The connection between both types of work is to express social and cultural aspects in an beautiful, artistic and conscience way to demonstrate ways that we can impact our society and changes for it’s future, as well as bring an awareness to things in our modern cultures that give us our identities and values.

When did your journey start?

Ever since I can remember. Drawing and sketching illustrations has been a way for me to process the events surrounding myself and others since I was around 4 or 5 years old. Through my teenage years, I used to draw self portraits of how I thought I looked - awkward, chubby, acne covered - and then used to draw all the portraits of guys I had crushes on and put them together. As Ive grown older, I can see how my perceptions of myself and others I have personal relationships with have changed and grown through these sketches as a type of social/emotional timeline.

Arielle Khosla, Graphic designer, Female Artist interview, We Are F

What’s the idea behind your art?

To express the emotions, conflicts, and anomalies that surround our social and private lives. I draw as a way to understand how I perceive people, and to attempt to understand how I am perceived. The main concept of my work focuses on social interactions and perceptions, based upon my own personal relationships and exposure to different pop culture media from my time living in the US, UK, and Denmark. I aim to explore identity, both real and perceived, and the ideas that form our ideas of ourselves and how we want others to perceive us. I find that the interaction that occurs when I ask to draw someone builds a new dynamic in my relationship with them, as they entrust me with their physical representation - their body - and I pour into the creation as much of my soul as possible. The result is something that I feel is personally significant, unique, and beautiful.

What kind of music drives you?

George Harrison, Ariel Pink, and anything from PNKSLM.

Favourite film and why?

Spike Jonze’s Her. The colours, softness, music - it’s filled with nostalgic dreaminess while discussing concepts for humanity’s future and how it will change our relationships and interactions, set in a futuristic depiction of LA. The filming and setting of the film is incredibly idealistic, while the characters just feel overwhelmingly human. Its a beautiful contrast.

Arielle Khosla, Graphic designer, Female Artist interview, We Are F

What's your favourite piece that you've created?

It’s a portrait of my ex. I drew it because I heard some cheesy line in a film about how the best way to get over someone is to turn them into art. It was one of the first sketches I did in years, and pretty much what restarted this recent practice of drawing everyday. When I finished it, I felt like it completely captured and expressed everything I felt for him at the time. When I look at it now, I feel like it represents growth, success and love - marking a significant time of transition in my life. It carries the soul of feelings I didn’t know how to process in any other way, and expresses the emotions of everything I felt during that time in my life.

How do you find inspiration on an average day? Do you have any rituals?

My inspiration mostly just comes from taking random pictures of my friends, family and dates at random times and sketching them. I don't think it’s really a ritual, but one of the things i cant seem to stop doing is making about 20 different versions of every drawings I produce. Each one is different in small ways and says different things.

Who’s your favourite contemporary artist?

Either Agatha Sorlet or Tishk Barzanji.

We noticed you already have a good amount of followers. How did you start marketing yourself?

I’ve just recently started my illustration account on Instagram, but there is a really strong female artist community present and it’s been a really great experience getting in contact with them through Instagram. It’s really just finding artists with similar work, and giving time and effort into curating your feed.

How did Instagram help you to promote your art?

It provides a really accessible platform for presenting graphic work and having it reach an incredible amount of people.

Do you have any advice to give to the new female entrepreneurs ?

Put effort into connecting with other female entrepreneurs and artists and contributing to a community of individuals. It’s a network that looks out for each other and can provide opportunities to connect, collaborate, and produce truly incredible work. Search for the member you want to make a writer

Thanks Arielle!

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