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Can we have it all?

One feminist wave after the other, women have been fighting to be able to “have it all”- career, family and the opportunity to be as good mothers and wives as professionals.

However, without even looking at the statistics but just by being a little aware of the society we live in, it is evident that a work-family balance is not easy to achieve, maybe even unattainable for most women that want a full time job and to be mothers, partners and wives.

The reality?

Women need to compromise over and over again to “have it all.”

And if we have to need to compromise is it even “having it all”?

The feminist fights tried hard to eradicate from society the concept that women can’t have a career and be good at their job as much as anyone else. But on the other hand, the lack of balance in family roles and work demands created hundreds of obstacles in the everyday for every woman that wants to “have it all.”

We got stuck in a scenario in which we could never be enough, we never spend enough time at home and never enough time at the office. The old tale would say that “it’s all about being organised,” bringing shame to all women that had to make more than one compromise to make it work.

It is time to debunk the myths we narrated ourselves.

1- Having a job that requires working around someone else’s schedule and not being able to make your own timetable and calendar makes it almost impossible to have a balanced work-family life and the only way to make it is to accept help from others and accepting that you are doing your best and nobody can shame you for that.

2- "Having it all” isn’t all there is. It is time to redefine our and other’s expectations and remember that we get to decided what “having it all” means to us and that could be being a housewife, a career woman working full-time, a mother and business owner or a wife working part-time.

Develop your own definition of success and work towards that not towards other people's concept of "having it all".

Always make choices that help you thrive and strive for what you consider excellence in your own life.

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