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Meet Chiara Cortesi - Tattoo Artist Interview

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Meet Chiara (@chiaracortesitattoo), a talented Female Tattoo Artist from Italy.

"Music is a fundamental part of my job, it helps me energise and concentrate." she says. Let's take a look at her stunning creations.

Chiara Cortesi - Tattoo Artist, female artist interview we are f
Chiara Cortesi - Tattoo Artist

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I was born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1983. I grew up surrounded by art, poetry, colours, music and films. My dad was a poet, a writer as well as a psychologist, my mum was always an amazing cook and both my siblings studied art (my brother is now an established tattoo artist). Could I take a different path? I moved to Florence where I got a degree in Interior Design, but as we know for us young people in Italy, is always incredibly hard to find a job, so I had to work in a carpentry, a lab print and a call center, as all of us did.

Until 10 years ago I discovered the art of tattooing. I opened a Tattoo Shop in Bergamo, with my brother Agostino in 2013, called Royal Wulff Tattoo.

I learned how to manage a business and at the same time, I have been absorbing all about the tattoo art. “Draw, Draw, and then Draw again” that’s what my brother always used to tell me. Seeing our business growing and changing, as well as a always happy clientele coming out of the shop everytime, was incredibly satisfying.

In 2017 me and my husband Davide, moved to La Palma, a small Island part of the Canary Islands, where my husband started his own business which makes him proud.

The Island is beautiful as well as its perfect climate and we are full of curiosity and joy of living new experiences. I have a dream: opening a small tattoo studio here in La Palma, like the one we had in Bergamo, which I always carry in my heart.

How is it to be a woman who works in the tattoo industry?When did your journey start and what motivated you?

Personally, I never perceived any sort of discrimination towards women in my line of work. On the contrary, there are so many established female tattoo artists contributing to the history of tattoo art, which inspired me to always keep learning and continuously improve.

My journey started thanks to my brother Agostino (@aguztattoo). I got from him the passion and the dedication to this art. He taught me to be humble and never settle, so I would never stop learning. But not just that. Working in this environment gave me the incredible opportunity of meeting great Tattoo Artist and being able to see them working, first of all, my brother, obviously.

Going back to the question, my biggest obstacle wasn’t being a woman, but trying to let my clients understand the passion, the study and the hard work behind the world of tattoo art, which is now only reduced to a mainstream trend.

Chiara Cortesi, Tattoo artist,  female artist interview, we are F

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created?

Everytime I start working on a new flash there’s always a new favourite one I am dying to execute, hence, to answer your question, I don’t have a favourite one. Every tattoo I draw becomes my favourite until the next flash. That’s why my favourite would be the one I haven’t executed yet.

How do you find inspiration on an average day? Do you have any rituals?

The first thing I do, is surely putting some music on which inspires me that particular day.

Then I prepare my sheets and all that’s necessary to start drawing.

I read books or check out works from other tattoo artist and I let them inspire me .

I have to admit I work better when I am in a bad mood or sad, it brings out the best of me.

I do have rituals, they help me calm down before executing the next tattoo. Setting up the place and cleaning my glasses before the next client walks in, helps me concentrate and find the right energy.

What kind of music drives you?

Music is a fundamental part of my job, it helps me energise and concentrate. I can think of Rage Against the Machine and Mumford and Sons, depending on my mood.

Favourite film and why?

It’s hard to answer this question as I love watching films, but I guess my favourite ones, in terms of story and soundtrack would be “Into the Wild and “Alabama Monroe”. The latter really got me, as I loved how the characters extreme passions, coupled with an amazing soundtrack from the Bluegrass and an amazing cast. That film really moved me.

Do you advertise yourself and your art in any way?

I never actually invested any energy in advertising, and if I do, I would use social media and all the tools they can offer.

A satisfied client tho, is the best kind of advertising.

Did Instagram help you to promote your art and how?

Instagram is a very useful instrument for my work.

It helps me promote myself and meet other artists, even tho it’s a double-edged sword.

Today there are infinite ways to buy followers and the majority of the people only cares about that, rather than the actual artist’s showcased work. “If you have a lot of followers then you’re surely talented” this is the wrong message spreading now days. By that I don’t mean that whoever has got a high volume of followers can’t be a talented artist, I am just saying that sometimes even the not really talented ones can be considered exceptional, just because of their instagram numbers.

I’ll stick to my few but authentic followers for now.

Do you have any advice to give to the new female entrepreneurs?

My advice is to never settle but instead, always try to grow in the world we live in.

If you have a dream, turn that into your main goal and invest all your energies into it without focusing on how hard it is but looking at the final achieved results.

Running your own business, loving it and taking care of it, is for me a huge source of happiness.

It isn’t easy, I know, but the satisfaction of good results, always pays you back.

Thank you Chiara :)

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