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Concentration Music For Work

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Are you more productive if you listen to music at work?

Concentration music for work , are you more productive if you listen to music at work? We are F Blog

Being able to listen to music at work is often seen as a special treat, it’s more uncommon than not that your boss or manager is happy with you wearing headphones while you work.

In days gone by, this was always frowned upon as it implies that you’re not properly dedicated to the task at hand, however as more offices are taking a relaxed stance on headphones, research indicates that this may not be the case. Are you more productive if you listen to music at work?

University of Miami assistant professor, Teresa Lesiuk, found during the studies of musical therapy program that those who listened to music whilst working often completed tasks more quickly and to a higher standard than those who didn’t.

The study in question involved 41 male and 15 female software developers from across four different Canadian software companies. Data was collected from these 56 participants over the course of 5 weeks and concluded that task management and overall quality of work were at their lowest when experiencing no music!

However, this was not the case with ALL music, in fact some kinds of music, like pop, were found to harm the level of work as they are known to negatively affect reading comprehension. I don’t know about you, but I always find it hard to work with someone talking my ear off and in that sense lyrics can have a similar effect.

The study also found that music with complex musical structures can also prove detrimental to work flow whereas simple styles help you achieve a better rhythm. For example, you’re more likely to get your work finished on time listening to three chord melody from Oasis than you are from a fifty layered Flaming Lips ballad.

Similarly, if a person is not used to listening to music while working then it can have a negative effect on their work. This is doubly true when a person feels that they are having music forced upon them. We all know how annoying it is to be able to hear someone else’s terrible taste in music when all we want to do is sit in silence.

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Of course, every scenario is different and there is no right answer for every situation. If you find yourself needing to complete a particularly difficult task then no music and music can be equally beneficial. In essence, simple music patterns with relatively few lyrics allow us to relax and get into a more natural rhythm which ultimately helps us to complete our work more efficiently-

Keep it simple, keep it soft, and you’ll be hitting your targets in no time.

Here some of the most loved Spotify playlist to help you focus.

Indie Rock


Zen Focus


Upbeat Hip Hop


Classical Music


Melodic Electronica


White Noise


Calming Jazz


Which music makes you more productive?

Share your playlist with us and we’ll spread the word.

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