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Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Times are always changing and it can be crazy difficult to stay with them.

Don’t fret, we got yo back! We’ve scoured the internet for the 5 hottest trends of 2019 to keep your business up with the times, woot!

Keep in mind, these digital trends may not all work with your business, but don’t be afraid to try them out and figure out which ones work best with your business! You never know what works with you unless you try it!

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Let’s be real here, VR is gaining popularity quickly and is one of the hottest gaming trends so far of 2019, but it’s not just for games anymore. Do you remember the trend in 2016 with Pokemon Go where people were climbing buildings and bumping into walls to catch their beloved Pokemon (see also, me)?

More and More businesses are turning to VR and AR to promote their business and get more active follower bases. Some of these companies include IKEA and Nickelodeon, whom are creating sites for people to interact with and engage in real time events.

If you have a tech company or a business that can incorporate this, make sure to hop on this wagon ASAP!

2. Natural Advertisements

We’ve all been scrolling through Insta, Twitter, or FB and had a big obnoxious ad slam into us. Frankly they are totes annoying and aren’t appealing at all. As 2019 is gaining momentum, ad blockers are gaining more and more popularity. The solution? More natural advertisements. Having advertisements that are easier on the eye and that blend into timelines make them less detectable by the blockers and can attract the attention of viewers.

The key is to make your ad show enough to interest readers, but leave enough out to have them click on the ad to go to your site for more info. The world is for aesthetics, so learn what image works best for your company and stick with it!

A prime example of this would be if your business specialises in sunglasses or goggles, use human models and leave the image unaltered. If you see someone who looks like a regular person wearing the shades, you’re more likely to be interested in them.

3. People Are Becoming Products

It’s no surprise that you are seeing dozens of people shamelessly branding on social media these days. Those with thousands, if not millions of followers, can charge a pretty penny to have your product promoted on their page. Some of the hottest items these days are known by their reps, and it’s a train that you want to jump on if you are wanting your business to be the hottest trend!

Start small and find smaller influencers that support your business, and offer them an incentive to promote your product. With some smaller influencers, simply offering them a small free product or a heavily discounted item can be enough for them to post on their page and could lead to higher traffic for you!

4. Data Analytics

So this one sounds gross, but IMO it is one of the most important for real. Basically this is either software or a website you use to analyze your social media data and tell you if you’re achieving what you are wanting with your business. This can either be reaching the right audiences that you are wanting or if you’re spending money in the right types of advertisements. Some of this software is free or cheap (two of my fav words) and is crucial to any business.

If you haven’t looked into a Data Analysis tool yet, DO IT. This will be a huge life saver and can help your business plan be more successful!

5. Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face it, most tech these days is smarter than some people, which isn’t bad, just another tool you can use! (The tech, not the people). Creating posts ahead of time and using software or websites that can post scheduled events, pics, updates and statuses will keep your page consistently active as well as take a load off your shoulders!

Showing consistency in your page is a huge turn on for those who may visit, and seeing the recent activity can show your audience that your business is important to you, which in turn means your audience is important too!

Learn about the different sites and find the one that works best for you, like the Data Analytics a lot are free or super cheap to use. This is another big one of 2019 that can help keep your business plan on track!

2019 is the year of digital advancement, and by using the tips and tricks in this article, you’ll be able to stay with the curve and keep up or ahead of your competitors. Whether it’s through using technology to maintain your business while you’re busy, using it to have more interaction on your pages, or simply to keep better track of your business plan, staying up to date with what’s happening in the technology world is the most important aspect to keeping your business going. Make sure to stay tuned to our page for more info on how to keep your business going!

See you later!

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