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Fake is out, real is REALLY in

All brands use social media to reach a target audience and create content with that purpose in mind.

But to capture people’s attention means to keep in touch with their needs and with the changes in the way they use social platforms.

Bottom line?

To have a good digital marketing strategy, it’s very important to be aware of the ever-changing trends in social media.

But we are here to help and, as the new year approaches, know that to stay current and relevant in 2020 means to stay real - authentic is a word that most marketers like to use.


First of all, consumers don’t seem to have much confidence in what social media portrays in general. Second of all, younger generations became really intolerant to insincere marketing strategies, calling influencers and brands out on most platforms when finding them guilty of it. They, however, understand better than older generations that social media is also a space for marketing. So, if your target audience is made of younger millennials or Gen Z, here’s a tip: be transparent!

But, no matter your target, show authenticity and individuality to connect with your audience on a human level.

Even social platforms are adapting to a request of normality and more relatable content. In the last few years, the shift it’s been obvious with the introduction of Stories on IG and Facebook and even Whatsapp. The experience is becoming more and more about storytelling and about sharing experiences.

So, use videos! Videos are a great way to spark your consumers’ interests, they are interactive and easy to watch. But don’t post great, big-budget videos with perfect lightning. Share in Stories super genuine behind the scenes that make your consumer feel that they know you and that you are as real as them, almost a friend.

In 2020 it will be important for your brand to have a more human and less stuck-up attitude towards social media. It will be important to have human interactions in comments and answering to DM in the quickest, more engaging way possible answering questions and giving out information from the platform itself, having a more real connection with your audience it’s what it is all about after all.

Most importantly, be honest! About everything you can be honest about. Our society moves fast and people might not be talking about Facebook’s scandal anymore, but after that happened, everyone seems to be more interested and aware about where their data goes and there’s been a spike in the use of Private groups, channels and chats.

In 2019 we saw a rebellion against content that is too curated, too filtered, too fake and more importantly not honest. Influencers and brands that didn’t label paid advertisement posts have been called out and boycotted so often that they made up a name for it, “cancel culture.”

Don’t let it happen to you.

Make your social media experience transparent, honest and real for your audience and thrive!

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