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is igtv part of your social media strategy?

The future of social media is unclear, everything is ever-changing, but of one thing we are sure: videos will be part of it all!

The face of Instagram has been changing as well to give more space to video content with Stories becoming more and more important on the platform and the introduction of IGTV!

Instagram’s own TV-mode came out of nowhere in 2019 as a challenger to Youtube and a new way to experience videos on the platform.

And let's be honest, how many of us at least once thought that we could be youtube millionaires by now?

Well, here we are! IGTV is your second chance!

Why should you give it a go?

As video content becomes one of the main marketing tools, IGTV can be a creative way to sell your brand, to get people interested in your product and to reach a wider audience by building trust in your community.

The best part is that the connection to your social media platforms means that you already have an audience, but you can now engage with your followers in a whole new and fresh way.

Also, IGTV, unlike IG stories, offers you the chance to produce higher-quality edited videos that can be housed permanently on your page. It allows you to have fun with content by creating mini video series to show you followers, new followers and potential customers what your business is about as much as what interests you, your values and standards! So that all of this information doesn’t need to be stockpiled into Instagram Stories 15 seconds at a time, because the feature allows you to upload video as long as 10 minutes, so no more rushing to get your words out!

And if that wasn’t enough the reality is that IGTV promotes itself!

Instagram WANTS YOU to use their feature and will favour your IGTV posts over pictures when it comes to promoting them. In fact, they have started creating a whole section in the explore page to boost the engagement of this kind of content, and they also notify your followers whenever you post a video.

Basically, the algorithm is designed to boost your IGTV, so why aren't you making videos?

Don’t know where to start?

Well, IGTV videos don't require fancy lighting and equipment, grab a phone, find some natural lighting and you're ready to roll.

All you need is a creative and relevant idea, consistency, and an engaging call to action. Find what you can give your audience that others can’t and build a connection with them on a more personal level so that you’ll become more than just a picture but a brand people can relate to!

Overall, IGTV is an easy way to build a more authentic community, engage with them on a more personal level, to boost your social presence and expand your reach!

Time to start filming! And, as soon as we’ll get over our shyness (working on it)… we’ll see you there!

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