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In the past years of social socializing, we’ve been seeing Instagram slowly producing its own A-list celebrities. From fashion to food and everything in between Instagram gurus are now the people to look up to and to get advice from. In other words, Jen Landesberg showed us 4 ways to enter into a headstand and at the We Are F HQ asses were in the air.

Hence, trustworthy people with great ethics and a large following on social media can influence others in amazing new ways and this power is not to be overlooked by any brand, big or small.

Influencers partnerships are awesome to reach new audiences quickly and create a connection with them through someone that already has their trust.

It’s like being invited to a great party you really want to go to and not knowing anyone there (hi social anxiety). Of course, you could go solo and still make friends and have fun, but imagine showing up with someone that knows everyone there and it’s ready to introduce you as the great person you are, sounds better right? Well, that’s influencers marketing in a nutshell.

BUT, you wouldn’t wanna show up with the wrong friend to the party and end up at home at 9.30 PM instead of AM!

So how do you choose the right people for your brand?

Well, first things first, do you know your brand identity?

Every business is different and your offer in the market is unique, but so are Instagram influencers (with the exception of a few copycats). You need the right person to help you build a positive and cohesive image of your business that translates your company's goals and message.

So, knowing your brand identity is the first step to recognize the right people to advertise it.

  1. Do they have an interest in your field? Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most influential people on social media, but if you have a tampon company he might not be the right person for you to partner with because of the lack of compatibility between his branding and yours. In choosing a partnership, make sure that the new audience you want to reach to is part of your clientele, people that could be interested in your products and business

  2. Do they share your values? As we discussed a few weeks back on our blog, authenticity is the word of 2020 on social, people are interested in peoples ethics and their transparency and you should too, after all, no matter what you do you always need trustworthy people to collaborate with you. If you’re all about sustainability, for as much as an influencer can be famous if they are Fur Gurus they are definitely not the right match for your brand

  3. Are they reliable? We are sure that you poured your heart and soul into your business, into your branding and into your image - so make sure that a partnership will not ruin all you set to achieve.

So, all and all, when going to a party it’s great to have a friend with you, but it’s way better to have the right friend, the one that will introduce you to all the right people, will not forget about you and will try their best to make you shine.

Sometimes, this means that the influencers with most followers might not be the best option for your brand, actually, it could be quite the opposite.

2020 trends show clearly that micro-influencers are taking over because of their reliability, their great engagement rate and loyal community. This confirmed what we already knew, relatability and a more personal approach to social media drive engagement. And micro-influencers might just be your new marketing strategy for the year.

Our advice?

Do some research, find the best people in your field and join the party with the best friend by your side, it’ll be worth it!

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