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Meet Allison Mark - Female Entrepreneur Interview

This week we interviewed Allison Mark (@miamitestingpsychologist) a licensed clinical psychologist who works with individuals of all ages but mainly children and adolescents, conducting evaluations to determine the presence of potential learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, and Mood Disorders.

“I believe in authenticity, loyalty and collaboration" is her life motto.

Let's meet her.

Allison Mark

- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I work with individuals of all ages but mainly

children and adolescents. My specialty is in the area of conducting evaluations to

determine the presence of potential learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism, and Mood

Disorders. I also work with parents to help coach them when they have a child with

special needs. I am starting a consultation portion of my practice where I hope to

help other early career psychologists with their testing cases and report writing.

Teaching is an area of passion as well as testing so my hope is to combine the two.

- When did your journey start?

I started my journey at a young age, babysitting young kids and working at day

camps over the summer. I loved this area of work but wasn’t sure if it was the right

fit come college graduation. So I ended up working in advertising for 4 weeks and

was absolutely miserable. Quit that job and went to work as a case manager for

individuals on welfare receiving vocational rehabilitation. I also worked on the

weekends conducting play therapy with young children. I knew then that I needed

to go back to school to earn my degree to be able to do this on my own.

- What’s the idea behind your business?

Everybody has strengths and their weaknesses should be combatted using the

many strengths that each person possesses.

- Do you have a personal life motto?

My goal in life is to teach my children to become good people. I believe in

authenticity, loyalty and collaboration. Let’s work together to find each other’s

superpowers and not just our areas of need.

- What is your main struggle in being female entrepreneurs?

I’m not sure how seriously I am taken sometimes. This is also a bit of my imposter

syndrome at play. I find that building a business takes a very long time and I

sometimes wonder if it would be easier if I were male.

- How do you overcome it?

Believe in myself, check in with the reality of my worries, and keep on trying.

- What was your biggest professional achievement during your entrepreneur


Thus far my biggest achievement is actually deciding to do it; believing that I can,

and going for it.

- What was your biggest personal achievement?

Earning my doctorate degree and giving birth to two wonderful children.

- What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being an entrepreneur?

It takes a ton of patience and a lot more time than you expect to build a business. I

am still in the early stages and feel that I have a ways to go.

- How do you find inspiration on an average day? Do you have any rituals?

I love instagram. I gain so much inspiration from meeting other people,

communicating about common topics of interest. I also love brainstorming creative

ideas and ways to take my business in additional yet different directions. Thinking

of conducting a workshop soon which I have yet to offer!

- Who’s the female entrepreneur or leader that you admire the most and why?

When first starting my business, I felt extremely inspired by Jaclyn Johnson, the

CEO of Create Cultivate and the author of Workparty. I attended the Create

Cultivate summit back in December of last year. I feel she inspires women to

pursue their dreams, cultivate their ideas, and look to others for advice, community

and most importantly, collaboration.

- How do you advertise yourself as an entrepreneur?

I advertise myself as the Miami Testing Psychologist on instagram and other social

media platforms but by business name is Allison Mark, PsyD, PA. I’m still working

on unifying my brand as my business name was started before my social media

platforms were creating. I advertise that I am a clinical psychologist and mama who

provides tools for parents as well as conducts evaluations for the above-mentioned


- How did social media help you to promote your business?

Instagram has been really big for my business. I moved to Miami from NY in the

beginning of 2018. I knew very few people in the field that were practicing in

Miami. By establishing myself on the various social media platforms, especially

Instagram, I have been able to meet so many other professionals in my area. Now

we meet regularly and refer to one another often.

- Do you have any advice to give to the new female entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and please remember to have patience because this takes time and effort. It does not happen overnight.

Thank You Allison! Discover More at https://www.allisonmarkpsyd.com

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