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MEET SILENE PRETTO- Female Entrepreneur Interview

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

This week we interviewed Nutritionist Biologist Silene Pretto (@silenepretto), on her mission to help us all live a healthier lifestyle and ultimately feel better about ourselves.

"It's never too late to be who you might have been" is her life motto.

Let's meet her.

Silene Pretto

- Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am a Nutritionist Biologist. My aim is not to "put people on a diet", but instead to help them live a healthy life that makes them feel better about themselves and their bodies. In short, I want to help others love each other a little more.

- When did your journey start?

I started exactly a year ago with the first consultations and I must say that I did not expect that in such a short time my life would have changed so much. I am very grateful for the path I am taking and how things are going.

- What’s the idea behind your business?

The idea is to share with others the change I experienced on my skin and convey the message that you can always improve yourself; It is important to do it in the right way and with our own times. Shortcuts never lead to anything good.

- Do you have a personal life motto?

I do and I also tattooed it. "It's never too late to be who you might have been".

- What is your main struggle in being a female entrepreneur?

Being a Woman (with a capital W) is already a struggle itself. We always have that extra something to prove. But challenges are what make life interesting. I would very much like that in the future there was much more mutual support among women, too often accustomed to playing down or fighting each other.

- How do you overcome it?

Patience and determination are the keys in every field. The main thing I need to learn doing is passing over certain negative comments or certain situations that you inevitably encounter when dealing with social networks.

- What was your biggest professional achievement during your entrepreneur journey?

I have seen people who have managed to get out of certain negative mental patterns that they’ve been carrying with them for years. Being supportive also from a psychological point of view is a huge satisfaction for me.

- What was your biggest personal achievement?

Being able to quit a safe job, with a permanent contract, to jump into my current career and have achieved good results in a short time.

- What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being an entrepreneur?

Always believe in yourself.

- How do you find inspiration on an average day? Do you have any rituals?

Physical activity or reading helps me to take my head off and to reflect. I must say that I also find it essential to have the right person next to you who always supports you and helps you find balance in no time. I think I'm very lucky to have a man like my Leonardo.

- Who's the female entrepreneur or leader that you admire the most and why?

I have always loved Beyoncè as a symbol of female strength and I find that through her songs she is able to convey very important messages that can help women find the courage to fight for what they want. I also very much admire ClioMakeUp for what she has managed to build from scratch. Reaching her level would be a dream for me.

- How do you advertise yourself as an entrepreneur?

I work a lot with Instagram. Nowadays it’s the easiest and fastest way to have visibility and be known.

- How did social media help you to promote your business?

They were fundamental. I decided to focus so much on my image to be able to best convey certain messages, especially for girls in constant struggle with their bodies.

- Do you have any advice for the new female entrepreneurs?

Don't give up on the first obstacles. There will always be many along the way. Overcoming them will give you a lot to be proud of in the future.

Thank You Silene! Discover More at https://www.sileneprettonutrizionista.it

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