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Private groups on social media?

We saw users embracing a new side of social media when IG created the private profile option proving to who didn’t believe it that a lot of people - yes, even millennials - prefer privacy.

Just by virtually wandering around the platform it is pretty obvious that private profiles are becoming more and more popular, embracing the so-called dark social.

Public sharing is decreasing in favour of private groups and messaging features, in fact, most platforms such as Instagram are now offering a more interactive messaging experience for its users creating more and more tools to share content directly.

And as this trend evolves where do brands stand?

Businesses will have to search for better ways to interact with the public, gathering an audience and engage with social media users if they wanna be present online, advertise and make a profit.

For this purpose, marketers have been testing new and upcoming platforms and the possibilities they offer, and they have been going back to the old ones finding new ways to approach possible costumers.

Evidence of this is the rising popularity of groups on Facebook that have now a lot more features to engage in discussion and to keep up to date with the group content.

Social media managers found in them a great opportunity to not only engage with an audience but also to create a sense of community and belonging that most have been looking for in their social media experience.

For the next year, it’s obvious that Private Groups will become more and more of a trend online with big giants like WhatsApp and Instagram trying to move towards a more comprehensive group experience. Likewise, Linkedin seems to have figured out that most of the times in our private lives we are surrounded by friends and loved ones that don’t necessarily share our passions or have knowledge about our job, and they focused on creating ways for the single to interact with different aspects of their work and from there they added features such as Groups, helping in building a community with shared goals and interests.

For businesses, private groups could be a great opportunity to build customer loyalty and show a more human side to brands. Building a community for your brand in 2020 will be all about easy-going relatable and engaging interactions.

The main goal of these private situations seems to be transparency and the need for a more laid-back interaction that most people don’t think they can find in public mode.

Do you think it’s better to be socially private?

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