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Meet Scott Lenhardt - Artist Interview

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

This week we decided not to celebrate a female artist, we chose instead a male artist that celebrates women.

"Making art can get so precise and layered with processes and feelings and she was a way for me to let go and help me shut the voices off in my head."

Meet Scott (@twentyfourhourwoman).

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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I grew up in Vermont and have been living and working in Brooklyn, NY for the past 15 years or so. It’s kind of a blur because time is weird.

I have been making art since I was a kid and when I grew up, it turned into a profession. As a classically trained painter, it cracks me up that my main focus these days revolves around these little lady drawings.

Twentyfourhourwoman tell us more! When did your journey start and what motivated you?

I started drawing her about 10 years ago. Talking on the phone, just sitting down to paint and the small handful of times I’ve drawn graffiti - she would always pop up. She made me laugh. It’s that simple.

Making art can get so precise and layered with processes and feelings and she was a way for me to let go and help me shut the voices off in my head. I’ve never penciled her in first. It’s always just ink on paper. No underdrawing. I think that would take away from the realness. With my other art, I get stuck in the details and preparation but with her it just happens and I usually laugh. My original motivation was to make my own product. Freelance art making means you work with other people to create their ideas, which I love, but I wanted to put my own thing out there. The more I think about it, a daily calendar that brings a little laugh into someone’s world is a decent product to make.

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created?

Well, at this point, there are about 2255 drawings that I’ve done over the past 7 years. It’s hard to pick just one!

There is one where she is flipping her hair out of the water and I think that one really captures her essence nicely.

How do you find inspiration on an average day? Do you have any rituals?

Luckily, this project has very little limitations. She could be the little bird coming out of a coo coo clock one day and brushing a hippo’s teeth with a giant toothbrush the next. Inspiration really comes from all angles.

I don’t have any strange rituals. Within this world, I jot down ideas in my phone then transfer them to a little notebook. That way there is a backup if something happens to my phone and the notebook gives me the satisfaction of physically checking each idea off as I go.

I also draw them on 5x7 inch paper that I cut myself (two drawings fit on one page) and once I get about 50 drawings together they go in an envelope that I number. When you have to draw over 300 drawings it helps to have little goals. It’s like running long distance, I just focus on filling the envelope then start a new one.

Who’s your favourite contemporary artist?

I like R Crumb’s drawings. They’re really honest and his technique makes me want to draw.

What kind of music drives you?


Favourite film and why?

I love horror movies. I’m actually finishing one of my own right now. It’s in the editing process.

Favorite horror movie is Carrie. It’s just so good. Half horror movie, half high school teen movie.

Raising Arizona is up there too. I’ve seen it so many times and there’s just so much to smile at in that one.

Do you advertise yourself and your art in any way?

One of my secret plans with making a one-a-day calendar was that there is this ‘book’ of my drawings that people interact with. They tear off a page every day and then there is a drawing in their hand. Some of those drawings get stuck to the refrigerator or passed around the office.

That’s the only advertising I can think of other than posting the calendar page everyday on Instagram. I think having a drawing on someone’s refrigerator is the ultimate.

How did Instagram help you to promote your art?

Since this little lady is doing so many different things, it hits certain people at certain times. My drawings get shared when she is doing something specific that someone might see and they know someone else who does that thing. Then that person starts following because

it’s funny.

As a man that celebrates women, do you have any advice to give to the new female entrepreneurs ?

People who make their own things never get to just chill out so do something that you don’t mind swimming in all the time. It’s a non-stop work day everyday and I’m horrible at it. As someone who still uses an Earthlink email account, I may not be the best advice giver. If you have something to say or something to make, just go

ahead and try it. You will bump into things but when it’s all over, you tried it and learned from it and hopefully made a new friend or two.

Discover more on www.slenhardt.bigcartel.com

Thanks Scott ;)

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