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Sexism in marketing is alive and well

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

When it comes to marketing, there are rules and tricks to apply to do it well and efficiently. And, if you pay someone to take care of your brand image you should be sure they’ll follow them to give you the best experience and results they can. But, as marketers apply these guidelines, it is important to make sure that the final product reflects your business’s values and ethics.

In the marketing industry sexism is present to the point that, on June 14th, new advertising rules were introduced in the Uk to prevent the spreading of stereotypical messages to the masses.

As if we needed a reminder of that, this past week in the London underground, a company that is advertising its marketing competences was found at fault of sexism, not just from the general public, but also from a Stories Poll we took on our We Are F Instagram account.

88% of our followers found the ad, that read “You do the girl boss thing, we’ll do the SEO thing” offensive and sexist.

Why? some of you may ask.

Well, simply enough, the version of the ad that figured a male model told men “You do the big picture thing, we’ll do the social media thing” not once alluding at how their gender might correlate to their ability to “do the big picture thing.”

Also, the patronising tone just reminded us that, as shown by the latest Global Gender Gap Index (2018), “To date, no country has achieved parity,” and that when it comes to managerial and senior official roles, women still face huge setbacks as 66% of executive positions are offered to men.

Hence, it is important to choose your business partners carefully, especially when it comes to marketing as they will be the ones spreading your brand message to a wide audience.

As consumers do choose companies that inspire to be that change in the workforce and strive to change the idea of women as bosses and celebrate it.

And, if you are a female entrepreneur, founder or boss, own your place, don’t let anyone convince you you are “just” doing the “girl boss thing”, but surround yourself of people and business partners that appreciate your entrepreneurial skills for what they are: leaders skills!

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