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Time to change your social media strategy?

As we know, Instagram is ever-changing and we are not only talking about the algorithm, but also about the new trends and tendencies that become more or less popular within the years or even a few months. The platform’s fashions and directions change sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

In fact, even though the social media came to be as a visual platform in which pictures have always been used to communicate moods and perceptions of our every day, all of that seems to be ready to change in 2020.


Instagram is always been different from other social media first and foremost for its peculiar focus on visual content, be that perfect pictures to post in the feed, or funny, more laid back videos to post in Stories.

However, lately, we’ve seen a sly change in how brands and influencers approach their creative content and 2020 seems to be the year in which written words take back their forgotten, rightful place.

Long captions are the new black!

The stunning imagery that will always characterise Instagram as a social media is finally combined with well-thought-out, lengthy captions that can even be as long as 300 words at times.

This shows that there is a need to make our online interactions more personal in order to create a deeper connection and affinity between an Instagram profile and its audience.

This couldn’t be better news for brands and businesses that want to expand their reach on the platform!

The relatability of a caption that tells a legitimate story and taps into emotion is one of the best ways to get the customers to care more about your brand, to make them remember you and to get new people to know what you are about from every picture.

Ultimately, long captions will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience and increase your engagement!

And if you’re still not sure how to tackle all the changes and transform your social media strategy to be on top of all the trends, let us help you! Get in touch with us now!

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